14 Sep 2021

Things you should know about plate air preheater

14 Sep 2021

The principle of plate air preheater is to use high-temperature flue gas to heat combustion air. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, low pressure, good long-term heat transfer, small footprint, high-temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, long service life, Etc. And so it is widely used in drying, heating and cooling, drying and other fields. 

The following points should be paid attention to when the plate air preheater is running:

1. Prevent scaling of the plate.

In the process of use, plate air preheater will cause fouling deposition because of the small flow speed of fluid or the increase of crystallization rate caused by the rise in fluid temperature or the roughness of heat transfer material surface.

Therefore, flue gas flow must maintain a specific flow rate in an air preheater while avoiding the interruption of flow in the flow channel, reducing resistance and ash conditions, and keeping the minimum metal plate temperature above the acid dew point to prevent crystallization. When selecting heat transfer materials, choose anti-corrosion materials. However, Accessen can provide solutions with cleaning services, so users don't need to worry about the loss of efficiency and clogging. 

2. Prevent leakage

The reason for leakage may be caused by corrosion, material defects, and long service life.

In the use process, if there is leakage, for the common leakage point, users can do chemical adhesion or close the part of the channel, but for the severe leakage point, maybe users need to replace the heat exchange module or the whole heat exchanger in time. 

3. Poor heat transfer efficiency

There are many possible reasons for the poor heat transfer, such as scaling, bending and blocking plate deformation, and ash accumulation. However, the treatment method is also straightforward. Users only need to clean the heat exchanger regularly, regularly check and repair damaged plates.

Following our instructions, most problems can avoid. Next, users need to choose the manufacturer of the plate air preheater. Again, Accessen is a good choice. Sinopec approved our AWK series air preheater and is well used in the Sinopec Yangzi petrochemical project. The plate air preheater used in this project has a heat exchange area of 4500 square meters and a heat load of 10073KW. After the project's successful operation, about 30 tons of standard coal can be saved every day, significantly reducing the air pollution caused by coal-burning and saving many energy costs, achieving a real sense of energy conservation and emission reduction. 

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