Glass Cement Base Material
31 Aug 2021

Riyadh Cement Plants

31 Aug 2021

Recently, many customers came to inquire whether we have the application in cement factory? Of course! Accessen has provided heat transfer solutions for a lot of cement plants. 

For example, we provided several sets of plate heat exchangers used in the cold water circulation system for Riyadh Cement Co., the first white cement producer founded in 1997 in Saudi Arabia. Since 2011, RCC has been operating as a subsidiary of Saudi White Cement Company. The company manufactures, produces, and markets various types of clinker and cement. In 2019: The company has made White cement 271,375 tons, portland cement 2.51 million tons. The company was listed on the Saudi stock market in August 2020. 

The working condition of this project is Total Heat Load 2312KW, primary side: circulation Water 20-15℃; secondary side: frozen Water 7-12℃. 

Even after several years of use, it still works well. Accessen has rich application cases in data center cooling systems such as Super Cloud Computing of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Asia Pacific China Data Center Project, etc. 

Accessen are a genuine original plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger skids manufacturer with all components are produced in our own factory and complete end products. Maximum capacity: producting 30000 sets of heat exchanger and 5000 sets of heat exchanger packages per year.