08 Mar 2021

The inspection methods of plate heat exchangers

08 Mar 2021

The inspection of the plate heat exchangers includes raw materials,  interprocess inspection, and pressure test. The main contents are as follows: 

1. Inspection of the raw materials and the size, shape of the parts. 

2. Inspection of internal defects of raw materials and welds. The inspection method is doing the non-destructive test, which includes: X-ray detection, ultrasonic detection, magnetic particle detection, penetration detection, and so on. 

3. Raw materials and weld chemical composition analysis, mechanical performance analysis test, metallographic inspection, which are generally known as the failure test. 

4. Pressure test of the heat exchanger, including water pressure test, medium test, airtight test, etc. 

5. Pressure and airtightness test. 

6. The hydraulic test is usually carried out to inspect the plate heat exchanger. Because of the structure and support, when liquid can’t fill in or the operating conditions don’t allow the residual test liquid, the air pressure test is acceptable. 

Only when the plate heat exchanger pass through all the conditions can be considered as a qualified product.

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