25 Apr 2021

The Design Principle of Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger

25 Apr 2021

Accessen has been producing and selling heat exchangers for nearly 20 years. Today, We're going to introduce the advantages of our plate heat exchangers. 

① Clip-on gasket

 Accessen's plate heat exchanger is sealing with Clip-on gaskets that significantly improve its original design. 

② Excellent plate design. With years of product development experience, we can design the most appropriate plate for customers. 

③ Progressive plate structure

 Accessen plate uses a single side flow design. The plate will become another channel with a 180℃ rotating. 

④ Plate material and thickness

 Our plate thickness is about 0.5-0.6mm, and its service life is much longer than normal heat exchanging plate. As one of the suppliers who can enable to meet the minimum temperature difference of 1℃, our strict requirement on material and unique design of heat exchanging plate make our plates able to withstand the pressure of 25bar at a thickness of 0.5mm, and the pressure of 40 bar at a thickness of 0.6mm. 

⑤ Stainless steel sleeve. In some high-end applications, medium protection is essential. Stainless steel sleeves can avoid pollution and corrosion when the fluids pass through the connections.

Accessen are a genuine original plate heat exchanger manufacturer with all components are produced in our own factory and complete end products. Maximum capacity: producting 30000 sets of heat exchanger and 5000 sets of heat exchanger packages per year.