13 Sep 2021

Accessen Prefabricated Integrated Cold Station Solutions

13 Sep 2021

With the rapid development of the data center industry, the long construction periods and complex construction management of traditional freezing stations can’t meet the application requirements of high quality and fast delivery of data centers. Therefore, the lifecycle management of data centers is an inevitable trend. With rich experience, strong manufacturing, and design resources support, Accessen prefabricated integrated cold station solutions can participate in every phase of data centers and achieve positive feedback loops. 

A prefabricated integrated cold station system is a highly integrated product that optimizes the structure of chiller, plate changer, water pump, cooling tower, valve, intelligent control system, and other auxiliary devices in the refrigeration station. Different from the on-site installation of the traditional mechanical and electrical general contractor, the prefabricated integrated cold station integrates all the equipment and structural parts through BIM design. First, the structural components are produced and prefabricated in professional factories. Then, the modules are transported and assembled on-site, significantly reducing site construction and installation difficulty and enabling fast installation and delivery. 

AIS prefabricated integrated cold station is an outdoor type that Accessen combines box type and integration. There is no need to design and build the station house of refrigeration equipment separately, but only make the base according to the requirements. All integrated cold station equipment can be quickly used after hoisted on-site and connected with water and electricity pipelines. The energy consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning systems accounts for a large proportion of building energy consumption, and so there is a considerable energy saving space. Colossal energy consumption has become a bottleneck for the development of the data center industry. The prefabricated integrated cold station can optimize the transmission system and reduce the system PUE value.

In the design concept of Accessen, AIS prefabricated integrated cold station product is the overall solution to quickly and efficiently solve the refrigeration and heat exchange needs of enterprises. Accessen designs professional heat exchange solutions according to the specific needs of users to truly solve the problems faced by users. AIS prefabricated integrated cold station is a successful product designed under this concept. 

Shanghai Accessen Co., Ltd. professionally specializes in heat exchangers R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. We founded in 2002. Accessen’s three manufacturing bases are located in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China. Over 100,000 square meters in total, producing up to 30000 heat exchangers and 5000 heat exchanger units annually. The core of Accessen´s operations is based upon one key technology: customized products. We are also complying with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CE-Pressure Equipment Directive, American Petroleum Institute, Japanese Industrial Standards, International Electro technical Commission, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, China Classification Society, and other international specifications and standards.