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2019/01/11 2019 New Year's Evening Party of Shanghai Accessen Group

28 Mar 2019

On January 11, 2019, Shanghai Accessen Group Co., Ltd. "Sailing, Winning the Year of Pigs" 2019 New Year’s evening party was held in full swing at Xietong Hotel. Exxon's leaders and employees gathered to talk about the past and the present.


The chairman of the company sent a New Year's greeting to all the employees, gave them seasonal greetings and deep wishes, summarized the achievements of the company in 2018, affirmed and thanked all the employees for their efforts in the development of the company, and put forward new plans and goals for the company's business development in 2019.


Subsequently, the company awarded the "Wind and Rain Together Award, Excellent Employee Award" for the old employees and outstanding employees of the year, encouraging them to continue to make progress. At the same time, we call on all staff to learn from them, to do their duty, to unite and help each other in their respective positions, and to create a better future for Exxon.


The Festival officially opened in the aesthetic and cheerful national dance, followed by the "Ai Ren" exhibitors, sketches, three and a half sentences, solo, chorus and other colorful programs, and people are overwhelmed. In addition to the splendid performance of the program, there is an exciting lottery link in the middle of the party. With the continuous drawing of the third prize, second prize, first prize and special prize, the atmosphere on the spot is boiling and the climax rises.