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20 / 01 / 06 Accessen - Cultural Propaganda Video

14 Jan 2020


In order to have  more friends know about Accessen and its corporate culture, the cultural propaganda video of Accessen is officially launched on the website (scan the code and watch it with mobile phone). In our comfortable life and process production, Accessen's on-demand solution for heat exchange always accompanies us all the way forward.

Accessen has always advocated the corporate culture of active work and healthy life, which has made us recognized by more customers. This video shows many classic application cases of Accessen's heat exchangers, so that we can learn more about Accessen. The content of the video is as follows:

In the vast universe, there is our precious home - the earth. In most parts of the planet, there’re four seasons and the temperature always changes. Both frozen snowfield and lava volcanoes are gifts from nature and also forbidden areas for human to survive. With reverence for nature, Accessen keeps innovating heat exchange technology to provide more possibilities for a better life.

Whether it's in summer or snow, Accessen's heat exchangers can always provide a stable and comfortable indoor environment - warm room, hot water for life, etc. From clothing, food, housing and transportation to machinery manufacturing, commercial construction, ship transportation, leisure and entertainment, food and medicine, power and energy, electronic semiconductor, chemical industry and aerospace and so on, Accessen can provide on-demand heat exchange solutions.

Accessen has manufacturing plants of nearly 100000 square meters in Shanghai and Taicang, which can produce 30000 heat exchangers and 5000 sets of units, with the ability of 1000 sets of system integration. Accessen has one of the largest production bases of heat exchangers in the world. We use the advanced automatic production, including the world's leading electrophoresis coating production line and automatic welding, full performance testing platform, E-Cloud intelligent energy and other equipment. In accordance with the global unified AS standard, we produce a series of heat exchange equipment and system integrated products including plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger unit, all welded heat exchanger, domestic hot water heat exchanger, process water cooling system and waste heat recovery system. At the same time, we also provide products that conform to ASME, CE, AHRI, API, IEC, DNV, GL, ABS, BV, CCS, GB and other international codes and standards. Accessen has a perfect after-sales service network. Through digital operation and internal management innovation, we can provide customers with fast and efficient services nearby.

Working in Accessen, we advocate a culture of working hard and living happily and take team, responsibility, passion and innovation as the core, to help our customers and provide better heat solutions and services. In life, every member constantly challenges themselves, strives to provide a better basic environment for the next generation, creating a better life and keeps moving forward.

No matter where you are, there is always Accessen. No matter where you are, Accessen is always by your side.


Performance case: (video poster)

Wuhan Greenland Center- super high rise building (636m)

Canton Tower -Small pretty waist(600m)

Mercedes-Benz Arena - The largest performance venue (Shanghai)

Lingkong SOHO - important works of Zaha, the headquarters of Ctrip (Shanghai)

Raffles City - LEED Gold Award for water storage project(CapitaLand, Chengdu)

Marina Pinnacle - Super high level project of Dubai district cooling and heat exchange unit(Dubai)

Tianjin Cultural Centre - District cooling and heat exchange unit (Tianjin)

Sanya duty free shop - Ice storage (Haitang Bay)

Ali central heating - Box heating in extremely cold areas with an altitude of more than 4000 meters (Tibet)

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental or the Shimao Pit Hotel - Minimum altitude - 65m, super five star hotel (Shanghai)

Hilton Hotel - Eco city, architectural style of Qing Dynasty (Tianjin)

National Museum of China - Ice storage (Tian'anmen, Beijing)

Conference Center of the people's Congress of China - Ice storage (Tian'anmen, Beijing) Left and right sides

China Pavilion - Shanghai World Expo. We are one of the largest suppliers of Expo (Shanghai)

Shenzhen T3 terminal - chilled water storage system (Shenzhen)

Northeast International Hospital - One of the best hospitals in Northeast China (Shenyang)

Shanghai Siemens - One of Accessen's earliest customers (Shanghai)

Samsung - Samsung's process water application (Xi'an, Tianjin, Wuxi, etc.)

Microsoft Shanghai Zizhu R & D Center - Domestic hot water reconstruction system (Shanghai)

Tencent Tianjin data center - Free cooling heat exchanger (Tianjin)

Data center of Bank of Shanghai - Ice storage system site (Shanghai)

Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Center - The most powerful computing power in the world (Guangzhou) at present

Zhengzhou Reli - 11 sets of 73mw large-scale pressure isolating station project (Zhengzhou)

Mongolia Fourth power plant AWPs project of the first station of steam heating network (Mongolia)

Huaneng and 5 Power companies (there are many application cases and projects, including Yantai Haiyang nuclear power)

Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinochem and other petrochemical industries

Baosteel, CHINA BAOWU STEEL GROUP and other Major domestic steel companies

Gold smelting in Central China, Zijin mining, etc

Scan the QR code of humanities poster, or click the'index.html website link to watch Accessen - Humanities promotional film, learn about Accessen, and trust Accessen.