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April 13rd, 2019, 2019 Lalamuli West Lake Cross-Country Race In Hangzhou - Run For Happiness

06 May 2019

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"Lalamuli, "means "someone is running." The Tarahumara, who live near madre mountains of the west of Mexico , call themselves Raramuri.

They are relaxed and happy running barefoot or in slippers although they look poor and down-to-earth. In 2017, a woman named Maria Lorena Ramirez who wore simple, comfortable clothes and skirts, and sandals made of rubber from old tires without taking any food for energy, only taking a towel to wipe the sweat and a bottle of water beat more than 500 women from 12 countries.

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On the basis of previous competitions, the "accessen" team participated in the 2019 lalamuri west lake cross-country race in Hangzhou for the first time. A team of 12 runners set off from the  Hupao Mountain Resort in beautiful west lake in Hangzhou at 7am. Everyone cooperated and worked together. In the end, all members of the team together completed the extremely difficult and beautiful cross-country track, climbing for an altitude of 30 kilometers and an altitude of nearly 2100 meters.

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At the time of physical limit, every step forward is a struggle between adhering to or giving up, the desire for the end point, and the perception of pain.  Think back to our childhood, we can run tirelessly, run as we like, stop as we like, rest when we are tired, and continue when we wake up, just because we are happy. What are you for now?

Running for the glory of getting to the finish line,
for the sponsor's prize,
for the thumb up and praise moments,
for health,
for slim shape,
for making friends,
for building a positive image of yourself,
for getting rid of anxiety and depression.

"Lalamuli" -- run for happiness.

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