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2018 China Geothermal International Forum was successfully held in Shanghai

26 Nov 2018

China Academy of Engineering and China Petrochemical Corporation co-sponsored the "2018 China Geothermal International Forum and High-end Forum of Geothermal Resources Utilization International Engineering Science and Technology" grandly held in Fuyue Hotel, Shanghai, China. Focusing on the theme of "green leadership, innovation, and development, win-win cooperation," the forum focused on the geothermal industry, technology, equipment, and related policies.


Thirty-three academicians of Engineering Academies and geothermal experts from all over the country are exploring and developing in-site. 

As a high-quality supplier of heat exchange solutions, Shanghai Accessen participated in this forum. The Accessen engineer discussed the geothermal industry's development goals with experts from the geothermal industry about typical geothermal resource exploration and development and maintenance management cases. 

Accessen's on-demand heat exchange solution The case has been affirmed and recognized by experts of the forum. Through automated production and technological innovation, the application field of heat exchange equipment has been expanded. Accessen has created higher value heat exchange products for customers.