22 Jan 2021

What should we pay attention to using the plate heat exchanger?

22 Jan 2021

If users didn't use the plate heat exchangers under the operating procedures, it would lead to various problems. We can avoid accidents and safety problems virtually in strict accordance with the guidelines. What should we pay attention to when using the plate heat exchanger? 

1. When using the new process pipeline, pay attention to eliminate the debris in the pipeline not to clog the plate heat exchanger. 

2. If sewage is used as a cooling medium, a filter or dirt separator should be installed at the plate heat exchanger's inlet so as not to clog the plate heat exchanger. 

3. When the temperature of cooling water (heated) exceeds 40℃, the softening treatment should be carried out as far as possible to avoid scaling the plate heat exchanger and affecting the heat transfer effect. 

4. Check whether the pipeline connection is correct to avoid the mixing of two kinds of media. 

5. Before starting, strictly check whether the cold and hot medium's inlet valve is closed and whether the outlet valve is opened. 

6. Start the cold and hot medium pump first, slowly open the inlet valve of the cold medium, and then open the inlet valve of the hot medium. In this way, the medium may slowly flow into the plate heat exchanger to overheat the temperature. 

7. Check all the plate heat exchanger's sealing surface and make sure that all the welds have no leakage and other abnormal phenomena.

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