21 Dec 2020

What are the reasons for the heat exchanger's floating price?

21 Dec 2020

The price of the heat exchanger is not always the same. What affects the cost of the heat exchanger? What are the reasons for the floating price? Can you get what you pay? Let's learn about it. 

Firstly, the heat exchanger material is one of the critical factors that will affect the price fluctuation. The price of materials such as stainless steel and titanium fluctuates from time to time that has caused time-based quotation. 

Secondly, the scale of the heat exchanger manufacturer determines the price of a heat exchanger. If the company attaches importance to quality and service, the cost will also increase. If the enterprise doesn't pay much attention to it, then the price will be lower. But for the customers, the company without after-sales service is irresponsible. 

Thirdly, every heat exchanger manufacturer has different equipment technology. The heat exchanger industry is now more and more competitive. A lot of manufacturers can produce ordinary heat exchangers, and this is the reason why a price variance. You will find that the price of heat exchangers of some brands is high. Why? The main reason is that the manufacturer's technology is relatively advanced and uses core patented technology in production. Because of that the value of the product will be increased.

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