03 Mar 2021

The main factors that will affect heat transfer value

03 Mar 2021

Heat transfer of plate heat exchanger is mainly affected by temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. Some factors can be used to increase heat transfer. 

Following methods can be taken like increasing the transfer coefficient, increasing the heat transfer temperature difference, or expanding the heat transfer area. Expanding the heat transfer area is one of the easiest ways. Increasing the average temperature difference and increasing the heat transfer temperature difference is one of the most common ways. 

Of course, in the use of the heat exchanger process, we should consider whether the actual process or equipment conditions allow the change of temperature. We should not only pursue the increase of temperature difference but also to consider the reasonable use of the whole thermal system. It's not difficult to change the heat exchanger area or process combination, as long as we add or reduce a few plates. 

Such equipment can better adapt to the new heat transfer conditions, which is hard for the tube& shell heat exchangers. 

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