18 Sep 2021

How to choose a Wide Gap Welded Plate Air Preheater

18 Sep 2021

When making the selection of Wide Gap Welded Plate Air Preheater, we should pay attention to the following four points: 

1. heat transfer area

The heat transfer area is the primary of all heat exchanger selection. Generally,  to select a wide gap welded plate air preheater, the first is to calculate the heat exchange area, which needs to be calculated according to the specific data by the manufacturer. 

2. Inlet and outlet temperature 

The inlet and outlet temperature of gas affect the choice of flow channel and flow path. Therefore, in selecting a wide gap welded plate air preheater, the flow path needs to be calculated according to fluid resistance and heat transfer. Under the condition of ensuring that the process requirements can be met, try to keep the convective heat transfer coefficient of the hot and cold close to or equal to, and then the heat exchanger can play the best heat transfer effect. 

3. Total pressure drop

In selecting a wide gap welded plate air preheater, there will be specific provisions on pressure. First, check the pressure drop. If the pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, the selection and calculation should be carried out again until the process standard is achieved. 

4. Partner selection 

If you can choose a good partner, the partner will pay attention to several aspects above. Accessen is a heat exchange solution provider specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of heat exchange equipment. Accessen's wide gap welded plate air preheater can be combined with multiple modules according to project requirements, flexibly meet the particular demand in heat and structure of the project. Each group of heat exchange cores is composed of various plates. Each group of heat exchange cores is composed of multiple plates. One plate is welded to form a channel on one side, and the other side produces another part of the flow channel through bubble ripples. Accessen's different flow modes can be met to deal with the working conditions of gas and gas effectively. 

Because of Wide Gap Welded Plate Air Preheater's high heat transfer efficiency, diversification of modular assembly, compact structure, and many other advantages, it is well used in oil refining, steel, non-ferrous smelting, power, and waste incineration projects flue gas, air, waste heat. 

Shanghai Accessen Co., Ltd. professionally specializes in heat exchangers R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. We founded in 2002. Accessen’s three manufacturing bases are located in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China. Over 100,000 square meters in total, producing up to 30000 heat exchangers and 5000 heat exchanger units annually. The core of Accessen´s operations is based upon one key technology: customized products. We are also complying with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CE-Pressure Equipment Directive, American Petroleum Institute, Japanese Industrial Standards, International Electro technical Commission, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, China Classification Society, and other.