20 Feb 2021

How to choose a proper plate heat exchanger

20 Feb 2021

Plate heat exchanger plays a very important role in many industries such as chemical industry, petroleum industry and food industry. Let’s talk about how to choose plate heat exchanger products. 

Firstly, decide the plate type according to the actual working condition. The plate type with small resistance should be selected when the flow rate is large and pressure drop is small. On the contrary, select the plate type with big resistance  

Secondly, , there are certain requirements for pressure drop in general, so it should be checked when make the selection of plate heat exchanger. If the checked pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, it is necessary to re-calculate the selection until the process requirements are met. 

Thirdly, the combination of flow passes is mainly based on the heat transfer and fluid resistance. Sometimes the velocity is different between the plates, but in the calculation of heat transfer and fluid resistance, they can be calculated with the average velocity.

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