29 Jan 2021

Accessen-The Clean Method of Plate Corrosion Inhibitors

29 Jan 2021

Accessen believes that the primary maintenance method of the district heating products is to ensure water quality. Corrosion inhibitors and proper cleaning may be adopted to reduce plate scaling and corrosion problems. 

1. Prevent plate corrosion caused by scale formation 

Softened water can be used to reduce calcium, magnesium, and chloride ions in the water. And the leading technical indicators such as hardness, pH value, alkalinity, chloride, suspended solids, and other circulating water in the system should be strictly monitored and adjusted in time. But the operation cost is high in this way. 

2. Eliminate or reduce suspended solids in circulating water 

Adding filters to the supply water and backwater pipelines and cleaning them regularly can remove some of the larger suspended impurities. 

3. Adjust the appropriate flow rate 

As far as possible to ensure that the flow velocity distribution between the plates is uniform. Increase flow rate at the reasonable pressure drop to reduce fouling and prevent scaling.

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