15 Jan 2021

Accessen Heat Exchanger Maintenance

15 Jan 2021

The plate heat exchanger needs maintenance not only under particular circumstances but also in the regular work. It’s easy to repair and disassemble. Maintenance can use different methods according to the actual situation.

If the equipment doesn’t leak or the heat transfer drops, there is no need to disassemble and repair, just hit the lye into the heat exchanger for a few hours. 

Service staff should notice many points about cleaning methods. For example, don’t use hydrochloric acid or chloride concentration of high water to wash the stainless steel plates. When cleaning the heat exchanger, drain off the liquid in and out of the nozzle on both sides. If service staff can’t drain it off, we can use water to flush out the process liquid forcefully. Flush warm water from both sides of the plate heat exchanger until the outflow water becomes clear and doesn’t contain process fluid. Drain off the washed water and connected the heat exchanger to the on-site cleaning pump. 

Regular cleaning will be significant than the heat exchanger is wholly contaminated.

Accessen are a genuine original plate heat exchanger manufacturer with all components are produced in our own factory and complete end products. Maximum capacity: producting 30000 sets of heat exchanger and 5000 sets of heat exchanger packages per year.

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