13 Feb 2020

What Are the Specific Categories of Plate Heat Exchanger?

13 Feb 2020

Generally, we distinguish plate heat exchanger mainly according to the structure, that is, according to the shape, it can be divided into four categories: coil heat exchanger, welded plate heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger and removable plate heat exchanger.

Among them, the welding plate heat exchanger is divided into: fully welded plate heat exchanger, semi welded plate heat exchanger, plate and shell heat exchanger, and brazed plate heat exchanger.

The commonly used classifications are as follows:

1 according to the heat exchange area per unit space, the plate heat exchanger is a compact heat exchanger, which is mainly compared with shell and tube heat exchanger. The traditional shell and tube heat exchanger occupies a large area.

2 according to the process used, there are different names: plate heater, plate condenser, plate cooler, plate preheater;

3 according to the process combination, it can be divided into one-way plate head exchange and multi-way plate head exchange;

4.According to the flow direction of the two kinds of media, they are divided into forwarding flow plate heat exchanger, reverse flow plate head exchanger and cross-flow plate heat exchanger;

5 according to the gap size of the runner, it can be divided into plate head exchanger with regular gap and plate head exchanger with a wide gap;

6 according to the corrugation, plate head exchanger has more detailed differences, which will not be described in detail. Please refer to plate head exchanger corrugation form.

7 according to whether it is a complete set of products, it can be divided into the stand-alone plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger unit.