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09 Sep 2020

World Expo-China Pavilion

09 Sep 2020

The China pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, colloquially known as the Oriental Crown, was the largest national pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and the largest display in the history of the World Expo. It was also the most expensive pavilion at the Shanghai Expo costing an estimated US$220 million. The pavilion showcased China's civilization and modern achievements by combining traditional and modern elements in its architecture, landscaping, and exhibits. After the end of the Expo 2010, the building was converted to a museum. The building was located halfway along the Expo Axis on its eastern side in Zone A of the Expo Park.

The structure was built with a strong emphasis on sustainable and energy-saving practices with the exterior offering thermal insulation and natural ventilation. The inverted pyramid design and the lower courtyard offers a large overhang for self-shading. There is a 0.36-megawatt solar energy system on the rooftop while the thermal panels and insulating glasses on the exterior are energy-saving initiatives.

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