Semiconductor and Electronics
29 Oct 2018

Accessen Jiangsu SK Innocation Project

29 Oct 2018

SK Innovation announced in October, 2018 that it would invest about 2.5 billion yuan to build 7 sets of production equipment in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China, which are applied in LIBS (Lithium-ion Battery Separator) and CCS (Ceramic Coated Separator) factory. The factory will be the first SK plant in the world in terms of technical capacity and the second in terms of production capacity. The construction began in 2019, with the goal of starting production in 2020. It will contribute to the vertical integration of ev battery industry and lead the rapid development of battery market. 

Accessen supplied four sets all welded plate and shell heat exchanger for this project. Four welded plate and shell heat exchangers expecially for semiconductor industry.

Accessen provided SK with many sets of heat exchangers including 8 sets of plate and shell heat exchanger AWPS series and 4 sets of plate and gasket heat exchanger. The heat exchangers will used as Solvent separator economizer, oil separator feed heater, temperature-reducing cooler of condensate water, temperature-regulating chiller and recovered oil temperature-reducing cooler.