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02 Apr 2021

Serbia Zijin Copper Doo Bor

02 Apr 2021

Zijing Mining Group Co., Ltd is one of the Chinese top 500 enterprises, the largest gold producer in China, and the second-largest copper producer in China. As a supplier, Accessen provided several heat exchangers to the Zijin Serbia plant to cool electrolytes and circulate smelting water in various copper substances. 

Serbia Zijin Copper Doo Bor has four copper mines, including JM, VK, NC, and MS, and one smelter. By the end of 2019, Serbia Zijin Copper holds 10,180,000 tonnes of copper metal with an average grade of 0.40%. The mine is located in the Eurasian metallogenic belt, with good prospects and a great potential to explore mines. In 2019, the company produced annual 74,000 tonnes of copper cathode, including 44,000 tonnes of mineral copper.

Serbia Zijin Copper is speeding up the technological transformation and expansion of its four mines and smelters. After completion, it will produce 120,000 tonnes of mineral copper and 180,000 tonnes of smelting copper, with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes reserved.

Shanghai Accessen Co., Ltd. professionally specializes in heat exchangers R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. We founded in 2002. Accessen’s three manufacturing bases are located in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China. Over 100,000 square meters in total, producing up to 30000 heat exchangers and 5000 heat exchanger units annually. The core of Accessen´s operations is based upon one key technology: customized products. We are also complying with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CE-Pressure Equipment Directive, American Petroleum Institute, Japanese Industrial Standards, International Electro technical Commission, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, China Classification Society, and other international specifications and standards.