Administrative Institutions
26 Sep 2020

The National Museum Of China and The National People'S Congress Center

26 Sep 2020

National Museum of China is located on the east side of Beijing Tiananmen Square, the south side of East Changan Street, opposite to the Great Hall of the People. It is a comprehensive museum that systematically displays Chinese culture and history. It has a total construction area of nearly 200,000sqm and a collection of more than 1.2 million pieces. It is the largest museum with a single building area in the world and one of the richest museums in collections. In 2012, it received 5.37 million visitors, which made it become one of the most popular museums in the world. Attached to the ministry of culture of the People's Republic of China, it is a comprehensive museum integrating collection, exhibition, research, archaeology, public education, and cultural exchange. It has gone through a glorious journey of one hundred years, recording the footprints of Chinese civilization of five thousand years and showing the glorious achievements of our great motherland in history, culture, art, and social development. It is the spiritual home for the Chinese people to inherit history and explore the future.


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