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How to produce high quality heat exchange equipment and see how Exxon's highly efficient ITP system can deliver:
From the early technical exchanges to the final signing of the contract is only the beginning, we have an independent ITP status for each project.

  • 1Technical review
  • 2Inspection & test plan
  • 3Assurance system
  • 4Supplier audit
  • 8Final inspection& testing
  • 7Paint coating process
  • 6Welding test/IF
  • 5Raw material inspection
  • 9Packaging and transportation
  • 10Operation training
  • 11On-site service
Accessen parts, quality assurance!
  With Accessen's Affordable Parts Pricing Strategy unlike other manufacturers, you can procure spare parts almost at the manufacturing price, avoiding expensive operation and maintenance costs while enjoying the reliability and long service life of your original spare parts. The seemingly lower price of imitation parts, comes together with potentially huge risks and losses. Not only affecting the service life of the gasket itself, but also the risk of operation downtime and damage to the plate, possibly causing a serious accident.Accessen has a well-established service network with regular stocking of spare parts inventory in China. Our logistic center utilizes intricate systems and technology to produce maximum logistical efficiency, resulting in reduction of time and operational costs. Whenever a need of replacement part arises, please Contact to ensure you receive quality and safe equipments andparts.
  • A
    No doubt, an imitation spare part is cheaper. However, it reduces the operational service life due to the lower quality. Original gaskets with conventional media and temperature of at least 5 years will be reduced to 2 to 3 years. More often than not, this increases the total cost for replacement and maintenance while risking longer downtimes.
  • B
    With the risk of equipment leakage, and it will cause more damage if it is a special media.
  • C
    Due to the low-cost production nature of the non-original gaskets, skipping quality assurance and unable to compete with our production scale, they are not able to meet Accessen’s quality requirements for our product.
  • D
    The imitation gaskets are reverse engineered to match of our plates. This will inevitably result is losses of technical accuracies and differences. This is especially prevalent in cases when the media is a processed chemicals where special plates and gaskets are used. This will ultimately affect the life of the plate and leading to more losses.
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