30 Dec 2019

Founded in 1993, GUANGZHOU DEVOTION THERMAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a group company with three major business segments: clean energy comprehensive service, industrial boiler manufacturing and indoor health and environmental management. As one of the leading biomass energy companies in China, it has mastered the world's leading biomass energy application technology, and has grown into a professional provider of biomass energy production application technology and equipment, with multiple patents and proprietary technologies. It is one of the enterprises with the largest amount of intellectual property rights in the field of biomass energy in China. Through continuous optimization and innovation of clean and efficient energy utilization solutions, and the use of biomass, natural gas, clean coal and other clean energy, we provide customers with personalized energy solutions to help enterprises save energy and reduce consumption.

Human beings use agricultural and forestry wastes through wisdom. A kind of clean liquid fuel, which is similar to crude oil, is prepared by using super high heating rate and special cracking process. It can be divided into crude oil, essential oil and chemical products. Three common applications: bio oil (crude oil) can be used as the alternative fuel of common fuel oil (heavy oil / diesel oil) directly in industrial boilers, kilns and other thermal equipment, with good combustion conditions. The bio oil (essential oil) can be refined through the process of Hydrogenation catalyst cracking or catalytic gasification, and its quality is close to that of ordinary automobile gasoline and diesel oil, which can be used as fuel for automobile engine and diesel engine; high value-added chemicals and chemical raw materials can be obtained through deep processing.

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Coal, oil and natural gas, the three major fossil energy sources currently used by human beings, are all transformed from seabed and land forests. Due to the change of the earth's crust, forests are buried underground. After millions of years of physical and chemical changes, they are respectively transformed into coal, oil and natural gas. How to realize "two seconds is equal to millions of years" - the technology of bio oil? The technology and process of bio oil preparation independently developed by GUANGZHOU DEVOTION have become mature. The whole process of bio oil production includes high-temperature cracking (main reaction), high-temperature purification, rapid condensation, reheating and other processes. Through the technology of agricultural and forestry waste cracking ecological oil, biomass can be quickly cracked, and finally ecological oil, biomass carbon and biogas can be obtained. This kind of transformation that needs millions of years in nature can be realized in 1-2 seconds. The yield of ecological oil can reach 50-70%, and the realization of turning waste into treasure - two seconds is equal to millions of years.

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As the core equipment of the whole process preparation, Accessen provided the AWD series of heat exchangers which were more efficient and easier to maintain for customers. This heat solution was used in the cooling process of bio-oil, which reduced the temperature of bio-oil to the process required temperature and fully recovered heat energy during the cooling process of bio oil. The full-welded AWD series can effectively avoid the influence of low acidity (pH = 3.7), acetic acid and alcohol on swelling and aging of rubber gasket. The viscosity property of bio-oil is similar to that of heavy oil at normal temperature. With the increase of temperature, the viscosity will decrease, and it will solidify when it is shut down for maintenance. Therefore, it is required to disassemble the traditional gaskets for mechanical cleaning. Due to the influence of materials, the gaskets are easy to deform and can’t be used again after disassembly. All the gaskets need to be replaced (about 3 times / year), so the operation and maintenance cost is very high. However, it is convenient for mechanical cleaning in the maintenance process through the full-welded and one-side detachable design, which not only ensures the heat exchange efficiency and the corrosion of various acidic media to the equipment to the minimum, but also reduces the daily operation and maintenance costs. The comprehensive technical indexes such as heat exchange efficiency, oil and acid proof can meet the process requirements well.