Shudu Center
05 Jul 2019

Shudu Center

"Shudu center" is a project located in plots of D3 and D7 in DaYuan CBD, with a total construction area of 465000 sqm. It integrates with grade A office building, international metropolis residence,hardcover administrative apartment and boutique commercial street. It is a new generation landmark of ChengDu after "New China's First Building" — "Shudu Mansion".

The total investment of ShuDu international plaza is nearly 3 billion yuan. Under the advocacy of the concept of environmental protection, it uses energy saving lamps, digital building models and low-e glass curtain walls. The concept of low-carbon environment protection has been implemented at every levels of the building. The hanging garden and central park reflects ShuDu center's efforts in ecological protection from the aspect of environment, which create a sky territory with the perfect combination of business and nature.

How to create a high-efficiency and energy-saving office space has become the urgent requirements of developers and customers. Manger Guo, marketing manager of ShuDu center, tells the journalist that ice storage technology is a highlight of the building. It uses the advanced, mature, efficient and saving technology of central air conditioning and equipped with the efficient central air-conditioning terminal and energy metering system. In this way, the expensive air conditioner fee of Grade A office building in overtime and weekend is effectively reduced and the cost of central air conditioning is greatly reduced too. It leads the new generation of grade a office building. As the core equipment of ice storage, the plate heat exchanger is made by ACCESSEN which is in accordance to ASME standard. And It's Accessens's second high-end refrigeration project with U stamp at home after CapitaLand, Raffles City Chengdu.

According to Manager Wang, the property manager, commercial electricity is expensive and ShuDu Center uses the differences of electric charge during the day and night. It uses the electricity to freeze at a low price in the night and convert the energy of ice melting into a part of electricity consumption in the daylight. The use of this high-tech achieves the effect of energy saving, and the 20000 sqm underground of ShuDu central park is base of ice storage. The use of space above and below ground is maximized.

Shudu Center

  • Project Address: ChengDu 201212 

    Operational Mode: Ice storage system (13000RT) Central Cooling 

    Model: AP210  4572 Kw  3 set
    AC98   2594 Kw  2 set
    AC98   3750 Kw  2 set
    AC98   2240 Kw  1 set
    AC98   2895 Kw  2 set
    AC98   3450 Kw  2 set
    AC98   1750 Kw  2 set