Shanghai Lingkong SOHO
17 Jan 2019

Shanghai Lingkong SOHO is located in the Hongqiao Airport Economic park, Changning District, Shanghai, adjacent to the Hongqiao comprehensive transportation hub. It is an international business headquarters gathering area connecting the whole Yangtze river delta region.

The total construction area is about 340,000 square meters, about 220,000 square meters above ground, about 120,000 square meters underground, set office & commercial as one.

Shanghai Lingkong SOHO has won the American LEED gold award. In its design and details, it embodies the concept of energy-saving, green and environmental protection everywhere. Efficient electrostatic dust removal and medium-effect filtration are used in the room to filter 90% PM2.5, protect the indoor office environment and improve work efficiency. The overall greening rate is as high as 30%, and the roof greening of 6,000 square meters gives you a sense of being in the beauty of the flowing art of Shanghai Lingkong SOHO. Paints and coatings used for interior decoration are all environmentally friendly materials with low VOC content, meeting the American standards and creating a healthier office environment. Water-saving appliances are adopted in the utilization of water resources. Through the whole reclaimed water recovery system, the used water quality can reach a certain standard after being treated, thus greatly improving the water-saving rate of buildings. There are plenty of bicycle Spaces, as well as several subway and bus lines around the city, which make the trip more convenient and provide a low-carbon and green transportation mode for us.

Lingkong SOHO has become a new landmark of Shanghai with its stunning architectural appearance and unique geographical advantages.

In terms of design, Shanghai Lingkong SOHO, which pursues green, energy-saving and sustainable design, also has extremely high requirements for heat exchange equipment. In order to meet the standard of American LEED gold award, the quality of heat exchange equipment will directly lead to the efficiency of energy saving. Finally in the choice of central air conditioning heat exchange equipment, volley through professional consultants and owners of SOHO purchasing on the performance and effect, services, performance, prices after considering comprehensive factors, such as the final choice and the world's leading supplier of heat exchange equipment -- Shanghai Accessen, Accessen provides on demand heat exchange solution, 4 sets of equipment have good process performance in nearly five years, running stable, with a volley of SOHO ‘fast and furious’ made it a perfect combination, Accessen won the award for the outstanding supplier of SOHO too.

Shanghai Accessen Group Co., Ltd. professionally specializes in heat exchangers R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. We passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality System Certification, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental System Quality Certification, OHSAS18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification. Accessen’s three manufacturing bases located in Shangahi and Jiangsu China. Established in Shanghai, in the year 2002. Over 100,000 square meters in total, producing up to 30000 heat exchangers and 5000 heat exchanger units annually.

The core of Accessen’s operations is based one key technologies: customized products. Also complying with ASME, PED--CE, API, JIS, IEC, DNV, ABS, BV, CCS, GB and other international specifications and standards.