New City Landmark -- Hangzhou Civic Center
17 Jul 2019

As the benchmark of 20 new towns, Qianjiang new town, HangZhou city, ZheJiang province, is more than just a cluster of office buildings. We found the most complete definition of the functions of the new town on a document of the relevant person in charge of the new town management committee: It integrates the functions of administration, finance, trade, information, commerce, exhibition, tourism and residence, etc., and plays the role of comprehensive service, production innovation and factor distribution of the CBD. It focuses on the development of banking, insurance, securities, information, consulting and other industries, encourages the development of logistics, commerce, culture, sports, housing and other industries and attracts domestic and foreign large companies, groups, well-known private enterprises headquarters to enter in the new town. In the town, the civic center, culture and sports center, radio and television center and other large public buildings will be built, commercial and financial office buildings and other modern office buildings will be constructed, upscale hotels, shopping center and dinning entertainment will be equipped.

The National Museum Of China And The National People'S Congress Center

As the CBD of Hangzhou, Qianjiang new town gathers more than 30 comprehensive projects integrating business, office, finance and hotel. It is learned that The Mixc, Dikai International Center, Donghang Building, LKI International Group LTD and other projects have started constructing one after another. The total commercial volume in the core area of QianJiang new town is amazing. Near three railway stations along FuChun Road, there are The Mixc with 240000sqm, Raffles Business Plaza with 130000sqm and Golden Commercial Square with 80000sqm. In addition, Qianjiang international Times Square, UDC Times and other commercial projects, 50,000sqm underground shopping center of Culture Wave City, etc., make the total commercial volume in the core area of QianJiang new town reach 700,000sqm. The total commercial volume of QianJiang new city is equivalent to 85% of the total volume of HangZhou's main business districts. Among them, the most remarkable building is Hangzhou Civic Culture Tower, which is located in the core of QianJiang new city, with a covered area of 580,000sqm. The main building is enclosed by six buildings, which means "Tian Yuan Di Fang, Guang Yu Liu He" in Chinese. The completed civic center will be used for administration and office, and it will be HangZhou administrative center In the future, which has already been one of the largest administrative centers built in China.

As the most important landmark of the new town, Hangzhou Civic Culture Tower adopts ice storage technology as its energy saving technology, which has been popular used. As the leading manufacturer of ice storage heat exchanger worldwide, Accessen successfully won customers' trust depending on its reliable performance and quality service. 10 ice storage heat exchangers and 8 air conditioning hot water heat exchangers are used in this project, and the total load reached 71000KW. It is both one of the largest ice storage projects at home and a perfect combination of new energy-saving technology and new town construction plan.