MDI Integration Project of Acetylene Plant in BASF of Germany
31 Mar 2020


BASF is the largest chemical company in the world, and is rated as "the most admired chemical company in the world" by fortune, an American business magazine. Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical holding(Group) Company is a wholly state-owned company funded by Chongqing municipal government and established in August 2000. The group now has 33 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock subsidiaries with nearly 30000 employees. Wison engineering is the leading engineering service provider for petrochemical, coal chemical and refining plants in the industry.


Chongqing MDI integration project is the largest heavy chemical production base in Southwest China jointly invested and built by BASF, the world's most famous chemical company, and Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical holding (Group) Company. It adopts the integrated circular economy mode, and the integration of upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains, logistics, infrastructure, public facilities, and environmental protection treatment of large-scale chemical projects. The total investment is 45 billion yuan and there are 17 units in total. The project was completed by a consortium of Wison Engineering (China) co., ltd. and Korea Dalin Engineering co., ltd. for EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) services. They created a 400000 T / MDI and a acetylene plant from natural gas of 250000 T / Year. The combination degree of petrochemical industry and natural gas and comprehensive utilization of resources rank first in the world.


Since the domestic acetylene plants are basically coal-to-acetylene, the application of plate heat exchanger in the core process of acetylene production from natural gas is still the first case. As an on-demand heat exchange solution provider, Accessen has jointly optimized the parameter scheme of heat exchangers after many technical discussions with integrated project team, design institute, engineering general contractor, etc. of Chongqing MDI. In the final factory inspection and then a consensus was reached on Accessens scale, product quality and quality control. The customer is deeply satisfied and trusted with the service, and promises to give priority to the use of products of Accessen in the follow-up MDI integration project between Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group and BASF. In this project, Accessen provided 52 plate heat exchangers for a 250000t /year natural gas to acetylene plant, which are used for the generation, cooling and compression of cracked gas, concentration of acetylene, solvent regeneration, solvent treatment and other processes in the core process.


This process has traditionally been monopolized by other foreign brands. Accessens products entered this field and replaced the imported products of other brands. Accessen provides reliable and more economic optimization solutions, which has far-reaching significance for the application of heat exchanger industry in the whole chemical industry.