Hongqiao ZhengRong Center: Accssen Built the Heat Transfer Core of Ecological
15 May 2020

Shanghai Hongqiao ZhengRong Center is next to the world's largest exhibition complex with a total area of 1.47 million square meters----the National Convention and Exhibition Center, which gathers the global business platform and will bring huge business opportunities to enterprises; the world-class exhibition window effect leads to a surge in business demand and increases the wealth value of Hongqiao ZhengRong Center.

Hongqiao Zheng Rong Center is composed of 6 Grade A offices and 6 pure single-family offices. It creates an open and ecological urban complex that embodies the characteristics of mid-to-high-end business office and innovation awareness. Hongqiao ZhengRong Center is not only unique because of its "light and shadow rhythm" facade design, but also because of the new-garden style office experience that can intimately touch nature like its unique roof garden, terraces and sunken courtyards. So, it stands out among many business complexes!

This project has comprehensively considered the urban conditions of the Hongqiao area, the product positioning of the project and the owner's ideas, as well as the control of construction costs and the impact on the environment. Through the analysis of these factors, the design plan has created an optimized spatial form. The volume of the standardized office is located on a single-storey or double-storey commercial group room, and cantilevered in the drop-off area, forming a distinctive entrance logo form, overlooking the central green space. At the same time, a series of low-rise independent office buildings were scattered in the central green space, and combined with the courtyard-style greening design, creating a close-to-nature and high-quality office environment.

In order to embody the business characteristics of high-end office, the design will adopt a distinctive urbanization style. In the architectural form, a large number of overhanging and dynamic forms will be used. At the same time, it combined with the vertical louver component combining metal and glass, which interprets the rhythm of light and shadow. It symbolizes the auspicious clouds and fish scales and other natural forms, reflecting the vitality of this project. In addition, it combines the design of more central enclosed courtyard and green sunken square to create a working environment close to nature and a green ecology to improve the quality of the property management while building modern office space.

ZhengRong Center adopts the combined supply of cold, heat and power. Among them, Accessen provides one-stop full heat transfer service in the southern area, and a total of 26 sets of ABJ series refrigeration& heating units are used!

The heat exchanger unit of ABJ / GU series is a complete set of district heating control equipment that integrates plate heat exchangers, circulation pumps, water supply pumps, thermometers, pressure gauges, various sensors, pipelines and valves, and added with water replenishment system, constant pressure system, water treatment system, frequency conversion flow control system, calorimeter and network communication control system, in order to achieve the configuration requirements of the control function of different grades; combined with Accessen's leading technology, rich experience and the highly-selected unit accessories that stand at the forefront of the industry, such as water pumps, valves and industrial control, are considered as a whole, and tailor the complete set of heat transfer units with excellent performance which can be more suitable for the user's working conditions. The unit includes industrial control, and the unit leaves the factory as a whole machine, which will be operated in cold state before leaving the factory. The user only needs to install four to five pipelines and a power cord to the electrical control box of the unit, which will greatly reduce the workload and the user's engineering cost and will greatly shorten the user's construction period.

Hongqiao ZhengRong Center: Accssen Built the Heat Transfer Core of Ecological