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Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger
Accessen Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger utilize clip on gasket and advanced designs that optimize performance. Most important of all, they reduce your operating costs and save you money. Service-friendly designs ensure that even the largest PHE can be serviced rapidly and easily by one person using standard tools. Up to 60 different models. Special plate design for your specific needs.

Refrigeration, Heating, Residential water heating, Excess heat and energy recycling.

Main Features

Improved distribution area allows fluid flow to be even.
Optimal combination of H and L plates can make use of pressure drop at the maximum limit.
Eliminates the scaling area.
Higher turbulent flow due to the corrugated design, hence improving the heat transfer coefficient.
Self-lock devices on the corners of plate ensures proper fastening.
Standard roof and leakage proof design of gaskets ensures the durability of the gaskets.
Clip-on gaskets without adhesives.

Maximum processing capacity: 5,000m³/h
Minimum temperature difference: 0.5-1℃
Maximum design pressure: 25bar
Maximum design temperature: 200℃
Maximum heat load: 60MW
Plate materials: AISI 304, 316, 316L, TI, SMO254

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