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Hot Water Storage Heat Exchanger
New energy and efficient water heat exchanger. It uses heat exchange part of the plate and laser welding plate instead of replacing the original sheet, compared with the traditional volumetric or semi-volumetric products, high temperature and pressure heat transfer under stable and efficient heat transfer, reducing the condensate water discharge temperature, thus saving the steam consumption. The heat-exchange part of the plate structure has a smaller volume. The special design of the internal structure eliminates the water stagnant area and is easier to clean and maintain.

Suitable for domestic civil andindustrial buildings, domestic hot water system. Including all new types ofbuildings and energy-saving retrofits to existing domestic hot water systems,and improved hot water supply capacity

Main Features

A group of improved heatexchangers are built into the heat storage container, with the heat exchangercompletely separated from the container. During this period, the outlet pipe onthe heat exchanger housing connects the two with the container.

The heat exchanger is a plateand shell heat exchanger which oval plates are welded to the perimeter of theplate bundle by columns and are circulated in two different ways alternatingwith the shell.


Maximum design pressure:2.5Mpa

Maximum working temperature:95℃

Storage capacity:0.5m³-20m³

Plate materials:SS04、SS316、SS316L

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