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Customization Plate Heat Exchanger Package
Integrated heat exchangers, circulation pumps, make-up pumps, thermometers, pressure gauges, sensors, piping and valves and industrial control in one set of regional heating control equipment, with a replenishment system, constant pressure system, water Processing system, frequency conversion flow control system, calorimeter and network communication control system in order to achieve different functional configuration requirements. The user only needs to install four to five pipelines and a power line to the electrical control box of the package onsite, which significantly reduces the workload, construction cost and period.

Centralized heating, airconditioning, domestic hot water, refrigeration, remote control, intelligentsystems, heating and other custom cooling system

Main Features
Professional system design.
Smart design, remotemonitoring.
Compact design which savesfloor space and infrastructure costs.
Professional and reliableservice team, fast response and lifetime warranty.
Reliable components matching.
Professional training foroperators.

Maximum processing capacity:2500m³/h
Maximum design pressure:25bar
Maximum design temperature:150℃
Plate materials:AISI304, 316, 316L

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