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Standard Plate Heat Exchanger Package
APS series is based on the ABJ series of standardized products. Specially suited for hotels and high-end residential buildings, the unit uses remote monitoring and site survey combined with the Accessen control center for hosting and real-time monitoring. Providing defensive maintenance and regular maintenance services at the same time. Compared with the cold running of ABJ customized package before delivery, the APS series achieves full performance tests for each package to ensure a foolproof performance.

HVAC, domestic hot water andstandard heating and cooling modules

Main Features
Structural optimization design, smallfootprint.
Professional and reliable service team,lifetime warranty.
Remote monitoring.
Full performance factory test.
Reliable selection of components.

Unit running hosting service


Maximum processing capacity:100m³/h

Maximum design pressure:16bar

Maximum working temperature:150℃
Plate materials:AISI304, 316, 316L

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