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Standard Plate Heat Exchanger Package
The ADHU (G) series of distributed heating packages are based on Exxon's extensive heating experience and efficient heating packages. Compared to conventional heat exchange packages, the ADHU series offers a direct source of heat, combined with a terminal water supply to ensure that the entire System of heating effect, at the same time according to user needs to provide different heating solutions.

Industrial facilities, technology,domestic hot water, standard heating modules and other systems.

Main Features
Specialized system design.Industrial structure optimizationdesign.
Smart design, remote monitoring.Rich operating experience, with a moreenergy-efficient operation strategy.
High reliability of componentsmatching.Professional and reliable service teamwith lifetime warranty.
Full performance factory test.Smaller space saves space and installatispace and instalon costs.
Maximum capacity: 100m³ / hMaximum design pressure: 16bar
Maximum design temperature: 150 ℃Platematerial: 304, 316, 316L
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