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Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
Due to the extremely high hygiene standard and quality of the food, beverage and biomedical industries, coupled with the fact that their production and materials are different from the traditional heat exchanger requirements, Accessen's high quality stainless steel heat exchangers are designed with different flow channel widths to handle from clean fluid to the particles of the fruit juice and even other different materials to ensure stable long-term operation. With reduced downtime and maintenance time, the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries widely uses this type of heat exchanger. Food-grade gaskets are manufactured to FDA standards and fully meet hygiene requirements. The non-adhesive design prolongs operational life and avoids contamination of the material with colloids. This year exchanger is widely used to complete the heat recovery, high temperature sterilization, homogenization, insulation, cooling and other multi-channel technology while being extremely energy-saving.

Various types of food, beverage andpharmaceutical industry process of heating and cooling.

Main Features

Has all the features of a detachableheat exchanger.

Food grade gaskets meet FDA hygienerequirements.
Frame plate and clamping bolts areoutsourced or fully stainless steel.
To meet a variety of materialsexchange.
More accessories for choice

Maximum processing capacity:350m³/h
Maximum design pressure:16bar  
Maximum design temperature:150℃
Plate materials:304, 316, 316L etc.  


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