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Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
The all-welded plate and frame heat exchanger is based on the advantages of a detachable plate heat exchanger to make up for the lack of a new tube type of heat exchanger. Similar to the semi-welded heat exchanger, there are no gaskets and can be used in processes requiring higher pressure and temperature. It retains the full countercurrent heat exchange characteristics of the detachable heat exchanger, which is 3-5 times more efficient than the traditional shell and tube type of heat exchanger. Depending on the applications, the plate and frame are divided into three types, undetachable, unilaterally and completely detachable.

Chemical industry, petrochemicalnatural gas, food, medicine, power station and many other industries.

Main Features

Retains the heat transfercharacteristics of the detachable heat exchanger.

Low fouling coefficient.

High temperature.
High pressure.

No replacement costs of gaskets

Maximum processing capacity: 2500m³/h
Maximum design temperature: 350℃  
Maximum design pressure: 35bar
Plate materials:  AISI304, 316,316L, 904L, Titanium, Hasetlloy, Ni, SMO254 etc.

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