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Plate Evaporator
The plate evaporator is developed based on the advantages of plate heat exchanger to produce an energy-efficient plate evaporator. Compared to the traditional tube evaporator, it has higher efficiency and a more economical operation. Depending on the process, it is divided into lifting film combination (4 a group), falling film (2 a group) and forced circulation flash evaporator. It is widely used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to providing a separate plate evaporator, Accessen also offer turnkey systems to make your jobs easier, achieving the perfect balance between economy, various evaporation methods, investment and energy consumption.

Various types of food and beverage,pharmaceutical biology, natural organic matter and chemical smelting industry.

Main Features
Small margin of counter-current heattransfer.
The perfect material diversion, improvingproduct quality.

Leakage check in circulation area.

Meets the 3A standard of hygiene level.
Excellent life of FDA approved foodgrade gaskets.
Saves space and installation costs.
Lower energy consumption indicators,economic operation.
Easy to be cleaned.

Maximum capacity: 50m³ / h
Maximum design pressure: 16bar
Maximum design temperature: 200 ℃
Platematerial: AISI304L, 316L

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