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Distributed Heating Package
Unlike traditional heat exchange packages, our ADHU series provides direct heat source, combined with the terminal water supply system to ensure the system's heating effect. It can also provide different heating solutions according to user needs. Compared with conventional atmospheric or vacuum boilers, the ADHU Series offers higher temperatures and pressures up to 95 degrees and 25 bar respectively, with efficiencies up to 96%, making it your perfect choice for clean energy.

Supermarkets, offices, multipurpose commercial buildings,hospitals, hotels, university towns, industrial parks and development zones,natural gas distribution stations,  revolutionisingenvironmentally friendly and energy-saving systems

Main Features
-Significantly smaller area, saves installation costs
-Long-term energy-efficient low-cost operation
-Reduces dirt, easy to clean
-Low carbon dioxide emissions
-Atmospheric pressure is safe and reliable

-Smart operation

-Flexible solution

-Maximum processing capacity:2100KW
-Maximum design pressure:25bar

-Maximum temperature:150℃

-Plate materials:304、316、316L